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Hey guys, this website will be used for information regarding my D&D 4.0 “Scales of War” campaign… Updates and other significant information regarding our campaign will be posted on this homepage, so be sure to check it once in a while.


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Update #1: Path of the Heros

(Thursday, 05/02/2013) – “The first step through a planar dimension is the beginning to a new adventure…” ~ Issac Nespire

“It’s not safe to go alone. Take this!”

1 There are some things you guys should know. I’m generally new to DMing. I’ve never run a D&D campaign before—this one will be my first… and frankly, I’m surprised I’m not doing it with Pathfinder. However, this does not mean I’ve had no experience. Currently I’m still running a tabletop RPG I’ve designed nearly from scratch, using World of Darkness (a d10 system) as its base that’s been ongoing since this February and play-tested since early October, last year (if you’re curious about it, go ahead and ask me while we’re in downtime). Still, I beseech you to give me some time to adjust to DMing this d20 system and to lend me aid when I fumble.

Additionally, although I’d like to say otherwise, I’m quite busy… I’ve got college to deal with, I’m learning how to develop games, I’m designing a video game, I’m DMing another game, and my family tends to whisk me away randomly for things… this doesn’t even include any downtime for myself to rest and relax. With this in mind, I may not be able to play some days or call to start the game later than normal.

Preparation for your journey…

2 We primarily will be using three things. This website, Roll20, and Skype… You are not required to speak in our Skype calls, however you should at least try and join our calls because you may be missing out on informative detail and have lack of communication within the group.

As for character creation… My players for this game may choose all D&D 4.0 official books and D&D magazines so as long as they present the documents to me first and have my approval. This also includes third-party D&D 4.0 supplemental books, however I must be able to access them when I need them and they must be published works (An Example). I must EMPHASIZE though I do not condone making characters powerful and specialized, I majorly frown upon mid-maxing in any of my games… So as a fair warning, characters showing signs of these traits will be monitored closely and pounded down strictly with rules much more than other characters. Regardless of how fair this is, you all have been warned thus I expect no complaints… for this is the only thing I will be ruling with a massive iron fist.

Players will roll their characters in-person or in-game for their characters’ ability scores. It’s a standard roll with some modifications:

  • Roll 4d6 6-times.
  • Reroll all 1s till they become 2 or higher.
  • Drop the lowest value dice to each of those rolls and add up the remaining 3 dice for 6 ability scores.
  • From here you are permitted to completely reroll your lowest ability score once using the previous method, however you must take that roll even if the score is lower than your original.
  • After this, each ability score may distributed to the abilities of your choosing.
    Choose wisely.

All characters in this game will start at level 1 regardless of what time they join the campaign and begin with 100 gold coins a piece to spend on equipment. Players may spend them before they start playing, but are unable to do so unless in designated areas once they have started. Additionally, I REQUIRE the characters inside my game to have at least a minor background/biography… it doesn’t have to be super detailed, but they have to have something because I plan to take this campaign semi-seriously, thus I expect the same from my players.

That said, I approve of players using character backgrounds from D&D books—a character using these may have one of each… geography, society, birth, and occupation. If created this way, each skill associated to their characters’ background may gain +1 (stackable) per background and may be added to their class skill list. As for languages associated to their backgrounds, players must choose to have their character know the written or oral form of the language only. All other benefits from backgrounds must be run by me to evaluate first. Characters with custom backgrounds are not exempt from benefits either, but are required to be discussed with me upon what benefits they gain. Custom backgrounds may gain skill bonuses, gold/equipment, to even an additional feat depending on how detailed, logical, and realistic they are… An incentive to be creative and place time into developing your characters into actual ‘people’.

Each character can be subject to change within the first two weeks of play. Changes can be made by consulting me upon what changes are going to be made. This also gives players the time to develop their characters as a whole and construct a refined story.

Additionally, I will need a token to represent you in combat. These are represented by characters such as this or these. Other additional tokens can be found here. I have the ability to import any image to represent your character, thus if you do not like any of these feel free to find your own from a different source, like Deviant Art. After selecting one, please send me a link to its location so that I may download it.

Anything additional about character creation you need to know? Go ahead and ask me on our Skype group chat at any time. I’ll get to it ASAP.

Statutes of Planar Dimensions

3 Character dialogue and what actions are taking place must be typed out instead of spoken so that Roll20 can keep a log… As much as I would love to force you to make them descriptive, you do not have to make the actions detailed except for the important parts. I also implore you to try and keep the Roll20 chat relevant to the game and out-of-character chat in Skype.

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